Israel, US are losing the influence war over Gaza—but the Palestinians aren’t winning

The world no longer consumes information in a way that allows governments full control of narratives.

EU official calls out X as largest promotor of disinformation

“My message for Twitter/X is…We will be watching what you do,” official says.

Taiwan is using generative AI to fight Chinese disinfo

But LLM models will enable new adversaries as well as allies, top intelligence official warns.

The next big space business: satellite pictures of other satellites

As space debris proliferates and new weapons appear, a new market is rising to document it all.

Future wars will turn on space-cyber-special operations triad: Army SOF chief

The success of information ops is “the most important lesson learned from Ukraine right now.”

In Ukraine, USAID Created a Blueprint for Digital Citizenship. Now They’re Exporting It

The value of a USAID investment comes into sharp focus as Putin attempts to “win an information war in the Global South,” Samantha Power says.

The NSA Is Warning AI Startups: ‘China Is Coming For You’

In congressional testimony, intelligence leaders describe highlight China’s artificial-intelligence ambitions.

The Spread of Repressive IT Is a 'Critical Threat,' US Intel Chief Says

Democracies must band together against Invasive surveillance, spyware, online censorship, and mis- and disinformation, Avril Haines said.

How Tucker Carlson Helped Turn Americans Against the Military

The partisan firebrand told viewers that uniformed leaders were out to weaken the armed forces and the country itself.

Why the Pentagon’s Response to the Discord Leaks Won’t Fix the Problem

The Defense Department keeps too many secrets, uses old approaches to secret storage, and does not apply data-driven strategies to classification.

Could ‘Zero Trust’ Prevent Intelligence Leaks?

Army tech leaders say implementing the security guidelines would help keep secrets—and keep track of who knows them.

A ‘ChatGPT’ For Satellite Photos Already Exists

Using advanced generative AI and a massive dataset of Earth images, it’s possible to discover objects almost anywhere in just hours.

‘A War On Two Fronts’: Ukraine Takes On Corruption As It Fights Russia

Can the Pentagon’s inspector general satisfy skeptics while still rooting out corruption?

Lawmakers Blast TikTok CEO Over Data Privacy

At a House hearing, legislators took turns grilling Shou Chew about securing Americans’ data on the popular video-sharing app.

Delete TikTok by March 29, White House Tells Feds

The Office of Management and Budget responds to a congressional push to ban the popular Chinese social-networking app from government devices.