'I feel really good' about election security, former NSA chief says

Paul Nakasone says the intelligence community has everything it needs to fight election interference.

How Russia-, China-linked actors use OpenAI for disinformation

American AI tools are boosting disinformation around the world. That has the makers of those tools concerned.

China’s effort to take over Taiwan without firing a shot

How influence operations, cyber-weapon hoarding, and intimidation factor into China’s Taiwan play.

Losing hearts and minds: The desperate state of US influence operations

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The Navy is embedding info-warfare chiefs in recruiting commands

It’s part of a new initiative to attract and retain young tech talent.

Farewell to China’s Strategic Support Force. Let’s meet its replacements

The PLA axes an organization once hailed as evidence of innovation.

Marine special operators are using fiction to envision the future

Short stories by Marine Raiders are driving discussions about the evolution of MARSOC through 2040, its commander writes.

Human-rights violations rising in several countries, State Department says

Russian-occupied Ukraine was home to some of the worst abuses, according to new report.

It's getting harder to identify China's network attacks, Mandiant CEO says

In an interview, Kevin Mandia also said it's probably easier to sway an election through misinformation than hacking.

When can US spies buy your personal data? New guidelines are coming

The ODNI will soon release "extra safeguards" for protecting citizens' privacy when buying datasets, a top Pentagon lawyer says.

The Navy wants to make info-warfare training ubiquitous

The plan is to open three new training centers and integrate nearly two dozen systems into the live, virtual, constructive training environment.

Russia's lies helped persuade Niger to eject US troops, AFRICOM says

The U.S. needs to beef up its own counter-disinformation efforts, Gen. Langley tells lawmakers.

VPN ban is Kremlin’s latest effort to quash dissent

Russian companies are now forbidden to advertise or offer virtual private network services.

Russian hybrid operations on the rise in Estonia, Moldova

Similar Russian attempts to exploit ethnic divisions in democratic nations have preceded more aggressive action.