One Social-Media ‘Like’ Doesn’t Say Much About a Potential Extremist

Data from open-source social media is generally only helpful in combination with other information.

Trollfare: How to Recognize and Fight Off Online Psyops

It starts by understanding common tactics: distort, distract, dismiss, deny, and dismay.

Waiting for Attribution in Cyberspace: A Tragicomedy

“We were so hopeful last March when the UN Open-Ended Working Group agreed to endorse all 11 of us voluntary, non-binding norms of responsible state behavior.”

'Information Disorder' Is Biggest Social Danger, Commission Warns

"When bad information becomes as prevalent, persuasive, and persistent as good information, it creates a chain reaction of harm,” an Aspen Institute report begins.

The US Must Turn the Tables on Russia’s Psyops

A post-Cold War fixation on hard power has sapped us of the 21st century’s most potent force.

Joint Chiefs’ Information Officer: US is Behind On Information Warfare. AI Can Help

Concerns mount about how quickly the Pentagon can respond to global influence campaigns.

How Facebook Failed the World

Company officials know that their products facilitate violent cartels, ethnic cleansing, and extremist rhetoric. They also know they are not doing enough to stop this.

‘History Will Not Judge Us Kindly’: From the Files of Facebook

Thousands of pages of internal documents offer the clearest picture yet of how Facebook endangers American democracy—and show that the company’s own employees know it.

Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan Is Inspiring Americans Online, FBI Says

“That’s where they see this rallying cry and their opportunity. Now it’s ‘time to buy a gun, run people over with a car,’ do whatever they’re going to do,” an FBI official said Tuesday.

It’s Not Misinformation. It’s Amplified Propaganda.

You don’t need fake accounts to spread ampliganda online. Real people will happily do it.

CIA Creates China Center To Shift To Great Power Competition

“It’s taking the top slot from the counterterrorism mission over the past 20 years,” said John Doyon, executive vice president of INSA.

The Taliban PR Campaign Has Not Ended, But Transformed

Messages of liberation and inclusiveness have given way to ones that serve the consolidatation of power.

Hold the UAE Accountable for Meddling in US Politics

Letting the Emirates go unpunished sends the wrong signal to perpetrators of foreign influence operations.

What China’s Vast New Cybersecurity Center Tells Us About Beijing’s Ambitions

The 15-square-mile campus in Wuhan will serve as school, research lab, incubator, and talent cultivator.

Promote Open Source to a Full Member of the Intelligence Community

The exploitation of publicly or commercially available information must be recognized alongside spies, signals intelligence, and other established branches of practice.