FBI Opens a China-Related Counterintelligence Investigation Every 10 Hours

FBI Director Chris Wray says China is increasing its illegal activity to subvert the U.S. during the pandemic.

Political Fight Over Russian Bounty on US Troops Appears to Warp Intel Debate

Democrats suspect the White House is trying to paint the assessment as less solid than it is.

The US Intelligence Community Is Being Disrupted

Intel agencies aren’t businesses, but they'd better learn from private-sector giants gone by.

New NSA Effort Aims to Help Smaller Defense Firms Ward Off Malware

A pilot program allows select firms to get third-party help in securing their websites.

Two Ways to Stop Secrecy from Undermining US National Security

Keeping America safe in the 21st century means sharing more information with allies and partners. Here’s how to start.

Was the Coronavirus Outbreak an Intelligence Failure?

Certainly, there are lessons to be learned, and changes to be made in COVID's wake.

New Spy Chief Takes Reins Amid a Work Environment Reshaped by Coronavirus

Telework, staggered schedules, and new technology are some of the ways intelligence officials are keeping themselves and the information they gather safe.

Senate Approves Ratcliffe As Nation’s Top Spy

Ratcliffe received more “no” votes than any previous nominee for the position.

Senate Intel Panel Advances Ratcliffe Nomination In Party-Line Vote

The former Texas prosecutor is a deeply controversial pick for the nation’s top spy.

Trump’s Intelligence-Chief Nominee Vows to ‘Speak Truth to Power’

GOP lawmakers are seeking to fasttrack Rep. John Ratcliffe’s nomination, but his careful answers did not appear to satisfy skeptics.

US Intel Community Says Coronavirus Was Not Made In a Lab

The statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence comes after months of speculation and disinformation.

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Intel Analysts In a Key Area

A Defense Intelligence Agency experiment shows AI and humans have different risk tolerances when data is scarce.

US Intelligence Agencies Are Told to Be Flexible with Contractors During Coronavirus

New guidance recommends immediate contract modifications to allow some contractors to remain at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weird Hours, Contractor Concerns: How the Intelligence Community Is Grappling with Coronavirus

Intelligence agencies are trying to adapt to social distancing guidelines, but that’s leaving many employees and contractors in limbo.

Don’t Confirm John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence

The U.S. needs a Dr. Fauci, not a Trump cheerleader, to lead America’s intelligence community.