International Relations

US to train Ukrainian pilots, maintainers on F-16s this fall

The pilots will go through English language training before getting into the cockpit.

US Open to Expanding AUKUS

New participants to the partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States would need to provide beneficial tech contributions, officials said.

Pentagon Wants Combatant Commands More Involved in Foreign Arms Sales

DOD's other ideas to speed up exports include creating a Defense Security Cooperation Service.

Can F-35 Engine Plan Get Foreign OK?

The U.S. Air Force decided to upgrade the existing engine instead of pursuing a new adaptive engine, and will likely talk to partners about the change later this year.


World Leaders Expected to Push for Ukraine War Crimes Trials at Munich Security Conference

“How do we get them in front of courts?” says the German ambassador who leads the annual event.

Lawmakers Highlight ‘Urgency’ To Train Aussie Submariners As AUKUS Celebrates One Year

“Whether you’re developing a workforce to build it or those to operate it, the sooner we begin that training pipeline, the better off we will be,” Rep. Donald Norcross said.

Czech Republic To Buy 24 F-35s Amid Russia's War on Ukraine, Ministry Says

“Given the worsening security situation,” Prague says, it must bolster air forces now.

Biden Defends Saudi Trip To ‘Reassert’ US Influence Amid Human Rights Criticism

“I’m meeting with nine other heads of state. It just happens to be in Saudi Arabia,” the president said.

Biden’s Trip to ‘Stabilize’ US-Mideast Ties Kicks Off in Israel

Analysts predicted Biden will try to secure commitments from allies against China and Iran.

NATO Ignores Zelenskyy’s Plea For 1% of Its Tanks, Jets

Alliance announces four new battlegroups as GOP calls for more direct aid to Ukraine.

Biden to Tap Colombia As Next Major Non-NATO Ally

The longtime security partner would be the 19th country and third in South America to receive the designation.

It’s ‘Effectively Impossible’ To Kick Russia Out Of The UN, But There Are Other Options

Diplomats could remove Russia from the human rights council or refuse to recognize a Russian-backed government in Ukraine, experts say.