International Relations

Cutting US Defense Attachés from Embassies Abroad is a Bad Idea

Without them on the ground, or without the right rank, commanders and policymakers are mostly blind, deaf, and mute.

Give Us That Democracy Summit, President Biden

A long time ago, before the pandemic, he promised to convene free-world leaders. It’s still a good idea.

Will COVID-Stressed Countries Slow Their Arms Buys?

State Department’s political-military leader sees mixed signals from abroad.

Honor World War II with a Better, Shared Future

We believe that the best way to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the peace is to join hands.

Trump To Sanction ICC Officials Investigating Alleged US War Crimes In Afghanistan

The court’s top prosecutor found that the U.S. military may have committed “torture.”

What America’s Allies Really Think About Trump’s Syria Decision

During a few wild weeks in October, U.S. allies watched as their own worst nightmare befell America’s Kurdish partners in Syria. Here’s what that means for America’s standing in the world.

Bolton’s Departure Signals Trump’s Foreign-Policy Pivot

The president is turning away from conflict and toward diplomacy—and that will shape his choice of the next national security adviser.

America’s Allies Seem to Be Moving On Without Trump

At the G7 meeting, leaders seemed to have given up on an agreement with him on trade, climate, and even whether Russian President Vladimir Putin is friend or foe.

Britain’s Options for Its Ambassador: Defend or Dismiss

The U.K. is left with two seemingly impossible choices after President Trump’s assertion that “we will no longer deal with” Sir Kim Darroch.

For their National Interests, the US and China Must Continue to Engage

Four former Congressmen return from a China trip with new perspectives.

42 Countries Agree to International Principles for AI

The Organisation for Economic Coordination and Development released its global standards, which aim to ensure artificial intelligence is designed to be robust, safe, fair and trustworthy.

The Next ‘South China Sea’ Is Covered in Ice

The State Department will soon have a permanent presence in Greenland for the first time since the 1950s.

A Boom Time for US Sanctions

The explosive growth in their use has prompted questions about how much is too much.

America, You're Not Listening to Us

Russia’s ambassador: We’re ready for urgently needed security dialogue — when our U.S. counterparts are ready to engage in good faith.

General Dunford's Border Politics Come Down to This

Here's why the Joint Chiefs chairman applauded Greece for welcoming one group of migrants while U.S. troops are helping President Trump stop another.

What’s Old Is New Again: It’s the Free World Vs. Neo-Authoritarians

The U.S. must abandon the notion of a liberal world order, and get to work deterring those who would bring down democracy.