CENTCOM’s Got a New Mission. It Needs More Support.

Ending free-ridership and promoting regional security cooperation requires policy coherence from Washington.

Iran, US Seem Unlikely to Reach a New Nuclear Deal

Both sides have said they want to return to 2015's JCPOA, but a number of sticking points remain.

Iranian Hacker Group Posed as Journalists to Hunt Dissidents

Group spent weeks trying to fool specific targets with intricate appeals—including U.S campaign staff.

Iran Tries To Steal More Drone Boats In Mideast Waters

The crew tried to hide the drones under tarps as a U.S. helicopter approached, a U.S. defense official said.

Iranian Navy Tries To Steal US Unmanned Vessel At Sea

This is the first time someone has tried to take one of 5th Fleet’s unmanned vessels.

Drifting Toward Disaster As Iran Nuke Talks Stall

Biden seems to think he needn’t cut a new deal until after the elections. That would be a mistake.

How Biden Can Win His Middle East Trip

The president can advance U.S. interests and regain the region’s trust, if he evolves his messages and policies.

In Iran Nuclear Talks, the US Has No Good Plan ‘B’

Sanctions haven’t worked. Tehran is drawing closer to a Bomb. It’s time to get serious about negotiating.

Could Ukraine Offer a Template for Better US-Gulf Security Relations?

The outpouring of aid to Kyiv shows that a formal defense alliance is inessential to effective wartime assistance.


What’s Next for Marines in the Middle East?

The commander of Marine Corps Forces Central Command hones a smaller force.

The Security Dimension of the Abraham Accords

A year and a half later, a look at what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what still might.

Iran-Linked Hackers Probing US Networks, Intel Agencies Warn

Active “cyber operations against government and commercial networks” may seek to take advantage of defenders' focus on Russia.

To Stop Iran’s Proxy Terrorists, Stop Iran

The U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and UAE must do more to stop Tehran together.