Finding ‘The End’ to Our Story in Afghanistan May Be The Best We Could Do

There are Taliban peace talks in my novel, too. No spoilers, but you can bet how that goes.

The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS

The group is even bigger now, and America’s conflict with Iran is only making the fight against it more complicated.

The Iraq War Has Cost the US Nearly $2 Trillion

The figure includes $838 billion in “emergency” and “overseas contingency operation” funding and $59 billion spent by the State Department and USAID on Iraq and Syria.

ISIS Is No Reason to Stay in Iraq

Don’t take the wrong conclusion from recent news about the group’s “resurgence.”

Don’t Let Iran Tensions Stop the Battle Against ISIS

My recent journey through northern Iraq revealed how fragile the region remains, and how extremism could once again take root.

About 600 US Troops to Remain in Syria, Esper Says

But for what mission? Pentagon chief says Trump’s focus on "keeping" oil is part of fighting ISIS.

Pay More Attention to the Women of ISIS

Many are victims of the terrorist group. But others have demonstrated their resolve to use violence and seek revenge for the Caliphate.

General: Trump Pullout Did Not Affect Baghdadi Raid Timing

“We struck because the time was about right,” said CENTCOM’s Gen. Frank McKenzie, of intelligence and other factors.

Killing Terrorist Leaders Gets Attention, But It Doesn’t Stop Terrorism

Baghdadi’s death is indeed a turning point in the War on Terror, just as Osama bin Laden’s was in 2011. It’s just not clear what the war is turning to.

Syrian Women Helped Find Baghdadi, Beat ISIS, Will Face ‘Tough Time’ Ahead, Leader Says

'We will continue our resistance and our struggle,' says the head of the all-women’s YPJ, in a rare interview.

ISIS Lost Its Land. Then It Began to Lose Its Ability to Inspire.

As with Osama bin Laden, the most intriguing fact about Baghdadi’s assassination was its location, deep in what was considered enemy territory.

ISIS Leader Baghdadi Killed Himself During US Special Ops Raid, Trump Confirms

Trump claims, against the evidence, that killing Baghdadi was administration's "top national security priority."

How to Protect America After the Syria Withdrawal

Fighting ISIS just got harder—but it’s still possible, and it’s necessary.

What the US Can Learn From Iranian Warfare

Tehran's approach to proxy wars offers a surprising lesson.

US Intel Aircraft to Remain Over Syria As Ground Forces Pull Out

SecDef Esper heads to Mideast, NATO to talk about the future fight against ISIS.

The US Literally Doesn’t Know How Many ISIS Fighters Have Escaped In Syria

“We just have less eyes on the ground to know for sure what is happening,” said one senior defense official.