America Needs Competitive Intelligence

Agencies ought to be thinking about how to bring U.S. capabilities to bear on adversaries’ vulnerabilities, in competition as well as in conflict.

The Clock is Ticking On F-35, Drone Sale to UAE

Lame-duck approval of sale could allow UAE to sign contract for weapons before Biden takes office.

Washington Should Avoid a Self-Inflicted Wound in the Sinai

Withdrawing from the Multinational Force and Observers might be penny-wise, but would certainly be pound-foolish.

The Coming F-35 Fiasco

Now that Qatar is asking for the jet, it’s time to consider an entirely different approach to helping Gulf nations defend themselves.

Selling F-35s to the Middle East was Never Going to be Easy

To do it, and preserve Israel’s advantage, Trump must reinvigorate the consultative arms sales process with Congress.

Israel Needs Help Rebuilding Its Munitions Stockpile

The country’s ongoing campaign against Iran in Syria and Iraq has left it short of arms for a potential wider war.

A Middle East Peace Plan Built on Un-American Principles

Jared Kushner wants to use prosperity as a shiny object to distract Palestinians while their political aspirations are swept away.

Trump's Golan Announcement Was No Impulse Tweet

The push for Trump to make such a move has been going on for more than a year, due to parallel efforts by Israeli officials and members of Congress.

Bibi’s Iran War Tweet Just Backfired

Netanyahu’s ‘war with Iran’ quip is a gift to the regime — and his latest strategic failure.

If Trump’s Message to the Palestinians is 'You Lost, Get Over It,' He Will Fail

Instead of acknowledging the political and national aspirations of the Palestinians, negotiators are focusing on material and economic concerns.

No Matter Who Wins the Syrian Civil War, Israel Loses

Assad is Iran’s most important Arab ally; his would-be successors are Sunni militias and jihadists. Netanyahu’s overtures to Putin can’t change that.

Will the Israeli-Iranian Showdown Be in Syria — or New York?

Iran's various rivals and opponents are seeking a UN resolution that would return Tehran to pariah status and undermine its regional gains.