Joint Chiefs

Pelosi: Milley ‘Doesn’t Know the Full Picture’ of Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

House speaker says Trump administration delayed military assistance to lawmakers.

Milley Speaks Out — and Trump Stays Mum

After a controversial summer, the Joint Chiefs chairman is holding his own with a string of public pronouncements.

Milley's Chance to Right His ‘Mistake’

The Joint Chiefs chairman now says he was wrong to walk with the president. Will he survive to push back a second time?

How the Pandemic Is Helping The Military Prep For World War III

A local coronavirus response functioned as a crucial test of a new data network concept intended to deter Russia and China.

‘This is Not About Me and Google,’ Says Dunford, Who Will Meet Execs Next Week

Artificial intelligence businesses in China help an authoritarian government and erode America’s military advantage, the Joint Chiefs chairman said.

Carter Seeks New Powers for Joint Chiefs, Top Commanders in War on Terrorism

Obama’s defense secretary unveils his Goldwater-Nichols reform plan, and the most sweeping changes to the military's top command in a generation.

Dunford: New Pentagon Staff Needed to Meet Transregional Threats

Today’s system of regional combatant commanders is ill-suited for broader challenges, Joint Chiefs chair says.

‘I Don’t Know What The Debate Is,’ Army's Top Officer Says of Women

As Defense Secretary Carter orders senior military leaders to quiet down about women in combat decision deadline, Gen. Mark Milley had one more thing to say.

US Army’s New Chief Sets Three Goals

Readiness, modernizing the force, and taking care of soldiers — and that means more time practicing complex scenarios.

Carter Crafts Close Team of Chiefs to Finish Out Obama Years

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s team is finally coming together, but they don’t have much time to accomplish several ambitious projects.

Russia, Not ISIS, Greatest Threat to US, General Says

Some senators seemed surprised when Gen. Paul Selva called the nuclear-armed former superpower a bigger threat than Islamic State militants who drive captured Humvees.

Pentagon Reconsidering Total F-35 Buy, Dunford Says

Gen. Joseph Dunford, the nominee for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he’s willing to rethink the acquisition plan for the most expensive weapons program ever.

Neller Tapped as Marine Corps Commandant

Lt. Gen. Robert Neller now awaits Senate confirmation as the latest addition to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s national security team at the Pentagon.

Obama Nominates Former Afghanistan War Deputy To Lead Army

Gen. Mark Milley would inherit an Army still transitioning from big budget wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to a much more complex mix of military threats — and needs — around the globe.

Obama Nominates Nuclear Chief To Head Navy

Adm. John Richardson, a submariner, would become the first head of the Navy’s nuclear-propulsion shop to rise to chief of naval operations.

The Man Under the Flattop: Who is Paul Selva?

Two key military assignments helped position Air Force Gen. Paul Selva to become the next Vice Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff — and perhaps, eventually, the chairman.