How much influence does Iran have over its proxies?

Tehran calls Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis its "Axis of Resistance"—but that's not quite right.


How China is winning the Middle East

China is working to present itself as a responsible alternative to the U.S. in the Middle East, just as many are questioning Washington’s long-term commitment to the region.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 142: Trouble on the Red Sea

We review how the Iran-backed Houthis are disrupting global shipping in the Red Sea, and we look back at similar dynamics near the end of the so-called tanker wars of the late 1980s.


Red Sea protection effort faces early hurdles

Though the Pentagon says 20 nations have joined Operation Prosperity Guardian, almost half have preferred to remain unnamed.

Science & Tech

Why the Navy isn’t shooting down Houthi drones with lasers yet

A paradox is slowing the service's drive to replace expensive missiles with theoretically better energy weapons.