The U-2's Latest Feat: Passing Data from F-35s to Army Missiles

A recent demonstration used the old spy plane as an airborne comms relay between fighters and ground-based weaponry.

Lessons from Yemen’s Missile War

After five years, hundreds of long- and short-range missiles fired, and more than 160 missile-defense intercepts, it’s time to take stock.

DOD’s Top Scientist Shoots Down Airborne Lasers for Missile Defense

What’s needed, Griffin says, is more research into how to use weapons of various strengths in other kinds of combat.

New START Treaty Looks Dead in the Water

Unless Trump leads, observers say hopes for renewing the arms control deal with Russia, or a bigger one with China, will expire next year.

Lockheed Adds 1,000 Employees Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Wants to Hire 5,000 More

The defense giant also said it would give bonuses to employees who can’t work from home.

The US Should Accept Russia’s Proposed Moratorium on Post-INF Missiles

The temporary measure has no near-term downside — and may jumpstart important arms-control talks.

Where Could the US Put Its Post-INF Missiles?

It would be a hard slog to get allies to agree to any sort of basing agreement.

The US Wants to Intimidate China with Hypersonics, Once It Solves the Physics

The U.S. is pressing ahead with new missiles, but questions remain about engineering, tactics, and even geopolitics.

Building Post-INF Missiles Would Be a Waste, or Worse

New U.S. intermediate-range ground-launched missiles would deliver more undesirable effects than tactical utility.

How Not to Operate a Surface-to-Air Missile Battery

It’s not yet clear why a Ukrainian jetliner was shot down on Wednesday, but a lot had to go wrong.

Iran Launched Missiles at Iraqi Bases with US Forces, Pentagon Says

More than a dozen ballistic missiles were fired at the Al-Assad air base in Anbar province and a base in Irbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, a DOD statement said. 

Put US Post-INF Missiles into Production

The U.S. has waited too long to mimic Chinese intermediate-range weapons.

Boeing Declines to Bid for ICBM, Leaving Northrop the Sole Contestant

As bidding deadline passes, Air Force must decide whether to accept a sole-source situation.

Pentagon Test-Fires 2nd INF-Banned Missile

The Air Force ran Thursday's launch from a static pad, which followed the Navy's August test from a mobile launcher.