Missile-defense platform shows warming relations between Japan, S. Korea

By December, INDOPACOM aims to roll out a trilateral data-sharing system prescribed in a May agreement.


How X-Bow plans to break the Northrop-Aerojet ‘duopoly’ on rocket motors

The New Mexico-based startup aims to have its first production line up and running in a few months.

Defense Systems

Russian cruise missiles have US Air Force scouting for thousands of acres of land

Six over-the-horizon radar sites are envisioned in the United States and Canada, say officials with prospective bidder Raytheon.


Ukraine could get '5th-gen' AMRAAM weapons in 3 years

Raytheon completed the first flight test of a new variation of the air-to-air missile in June.

Science & Tech

Plasma breakthrough could enable better hypersonic weapons, spacecraft

Hot electronics are a big problem for next-generation missiles. The fourth state of matter could be the solution.