Russia’s Military Is Writing an Armed-Robot Playbook

The new tactics and operating concepts will draw on three years of Syrian operations.

The US Navy Needs Offensive Undersea Drones

The maritime domain has yet to see the kind of explosive innovation that UAVs have brought to land warfare.

The US Army Wants to Reinvent Tank Warfare with AI

A new project aims to make the battlefield more “transparent” — while relying on robots and software that “think” in unpredictable ways.

Weapons Makers Unveil A Herd of Robotanks— As the Army Worries about Battlefield Bandwidth

The U.S. Army is determined to field a mid-sized combat robot vehicle, but the prototypes are outstripping the datalinks that would connect them.

The Future of the Marines Is Smaller, More Robotic, More Naval

The new Commandant of the Marine Corps lays out a vision for high-tech force that will often operate like special forces.

Robot Roadmap: US Army’s Newest Command Sketches Priorities

There’s one mistake that the leader of Futures Command wants to avoid.

Border Patrol Wants Robots that Can Go Underground and Report Back

Homeland Security is looking for innovative robots that can navigate underground tunnels and communicate with headquarters.

Russia Plans More Arctic UAVs

Moscow’s equivalent of DARPA wants a cold-weather drone that can stay aloft for four days.

Pentagon Seeks a List of Ethical Principles for Using AI in War

An advisory board is drafting guidelines that may help shape worldwide norms for military artificial intelligence — and woo Silicon Valley to defense work.

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US Military’s Self-Flying Helicopter Program Passes Critical Test

Unmanned Black Hawks are coming. The goal is a major flight demonstration next year.

Ukrainian Armed-Drone Makers Sprint Ahead as Russian Effort Hits Snag

The Ukrainians are eagerly off showing a proposed long-range UAV while uncertainty surrounds Russia’s Altius program.

Ukraine Startup Building Drones with Grenade Launchers

A prototype Ukrainian drone has a grenade launcher. Still unclear: how it’s going to get past Russia’s jammers.

Who’s Leading the Western Response to Russia’s Warbots? Estonia

A European leader in robotic autonomy turns its attention to the battlefield.

Google DeepMind Researchers Join Pledge Not to Work in Lethal AI

Thousands of AI researchers sign letter forgoing work on autonomous weapons.

The US Navy Is Developing Mothership Drones for Coastal Defense

The service is looking to accelerate the way it buys, builds and drills drones and robotic ships.