Defense One Radio, Ep. 139: What we learned from a Middle Eastern airshow

We take a look at how officials around the region are carrying on with business as usual despite Israel's war with Hamas.


‘Russia is weaponizing time,’ Ukraine tells NATO

At Halifax conference, Western policy leaders struggled to meet a concatenation of crises.


A drone-maker’s dilemma illustrates Ukraine’s struggle to get key arms

Fortem could feed Kyiv’s hunger for anti-drone defenses—if it could find funding for a second production line, the company says.


SecDef: Pulling Ukraine support would hand Putin a major win

Secretaries of state and defense urge Congress to pass $106B supplemental to support Israel and Ukraine—and send aid elsewhere as well.


Regional conflicts have given Turkey more room for a 'middleman strategy'

Still, several recent moves by Turkish leader Erdoğan look like a more pro-Western approach.


US Army scrambles to catch up to rising drone threat

Years after it eviscerated its air-defense units, the service hunts for ways to fend off quadcopters and their deadly ilk.