Sequestration and the Pentagon's 'Two Budgets'

The latest victims of automatic cuts: Defense Department innovation and weapons quality, a Pentagon official says. By Charles S. Clark

How Sequestration Weakened the Defense Lobby

Warnings that sequestration would be Armageddon for the defense industry only hurt its credibility. By Sara Sorcher

Pentagon's Hale Still Optimistic About a Budget 'Micro-Deal'

With sequestration "taking its toll," Hale says that the Congress must move forward and agree to a plan that provides the DOD some stability. By Charles Clark

Sequestration Cuts Deeper Into ‘Full-Spectrum’ Training for Troops

The military says budget cuts are forcing cuts to full-spectrum training and leaving troops unprepared for a crisis that requires more than just military might. By Stephanie Gaskell

Boring! Brass Worried Less War and Training Lulling Force

Joint Chiefs tell Congress the troops are getting bored as Afghanistan ends and sequester keeps them idle. By Stephanie Gaskell

Sequester Forces Intel Agencies to Take More Risks, Clapper Says

Automatic cuts' effect on intelligence-gathering won’t be obvious right away, Clapper warns. By Charles S. Clark

Sequestration Hits Army and Navy’s Senior Ranks

Sequestration is forcing the Army and Navy to reduce the number of senior officers. By Mark Micheli

DOD weighing cuts to combatant commands

Up to 5,000 military and civilian positions may be eliminated if sequestration forces the Pentagon to realign its commands.

Government Managers Rail At Budget Cuts

Senior executives are frustrated at constraints stemming from funding shortages, along with a lack of support from Capitol Hill. By Kellie Lunney

How the Pentagon Found $1 Billion to Cut Civilian Furloughs to Just Six Days

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announces that civilian furlough days will be reduced from 11 to 6 days. Here's how he found $1 billion to pay for it. By Stephanie Gaskell

Pentagon Cuts Furlough Days Down to Six

Defense managers found savings to avert additional mandatory unpaid days for civilian workers. By Kellie Lunney

DC's Political Paralysis 'Means More Casualties' for Untrained Soldiers

The best place to learn how Washington’s budget impasse is putting troops at risk is the Army’s National Training Center, which has cancelled rotations for the first time since 1981. By James Kitfield

How BAE Systems Execs are Surviving Sequester: Shadeless Airline Windows

Two BAE Systems executive VPs say that they're pivoting away from uncertain U.S. defense dollars and moving into commercial and foreign markes, or "portfolio shaping". By Sara Sorcher

Hagel Presses Congress with Grim Alternatives to Sequestration

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's SCMR lays out tough choices for Congress on how to cut the defense budget without sequestration. By Stephanie Gaskell

Hagel to Reveal Sequester Review, Three Paths for Pentagon Future

With the Strategic Choices and Management Review in hand, Hagel will present three budget scenarios and their consequences to the Defense Department. By Stephanie Gaskell

Pentagon May Be Able To Reduce Furloughs to Just Six Days

The Defense Department says it might only have to furlough its civilian workforce for six days, rather than the planned 11 days. By Defense One Staff

Sequester and the Supply Chain: 'Life or Death' for the F-35's Small Companies

As manufacturers lose orders and lay off employees, the price of top weapons programs will rise. The anatomy of the F-35 shows why. By Sara Sorcher