Defense Systems

Space Force outlines vision for hybrid military-commercial-allied mission architectures

New strategy offers guidance on what the USSF wants to buy, but not how much it plans to spend.


US-China mil-to-mil thaw reaches space

Beijing has reached out on space safety, says U.S. Space Command leader, who also issued warnings about new PLA capabilities.

Defense Systems

New spy-satellite constellation begins launch next month

Seven operational satellites are planned this year, and more through 2028, a senior NRO leader said.


Military could be directed to protect industry's satellites, Pentagon says

The Defense Department's first commercial space integration strategy says the military will take steps to “mitigate risks to commercial space actors.”


Pentagon will use commercial space assets in military operations, under new plan

The unclassified document aims “to be transparent” about what the military needs and how private companies fit in.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 147: The state of the Space Force

Here are the first conversations from our annual State of Defense interview series.

Science & Tech

Spy agency ready to launch new vehicle-tracking satellites

After tests go well, NRO director looks to start replacing JSTARS aircraft with orbital sensors.


China’s moon plans worry Space Force

New orbits could open “potential attack vectors” on US satellites, general says.

Science & Tech

Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home

After a successful, if abbreviated, third test flight, SpaceX’s reusable mega-rocket might be ready before the U.S. military is.


Space Force seeks orbital-refueling tech in new budget

But spending caps will slow counterspace efforts, space chief says in interview.


Russian space nuke wouldn’t alter US orbital-network plans, Space Force says

The nascent Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture is built on the idea that lots of satellites offer plenty of redundancy.