Special Operations

Too few planners understand what special operators can do today

No less than in yesterday’s era of counter-terrorism, SOF are indispensable in today’s great power competition.

At Army’s special-ops school, the biggest changes in a generation

Ukraine, robotics, and more are driving a six-year plan to improve training in irregular warfare, technology, and psyops.

Army SOF's new drone course teaches gamer and maker skills

By graduation, the students will know how to build their own drones and teach foreign partners on tactics.

Special operations seeing growing demand amid planned cuts: commander

Faced with a more active China, “I certainly wouldn't support” shrinking the force, SOCOM's Fenton told lawmakers.


US may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops

Key psyops units may get squeezed by a Pentagon effort to trim special-operations forces.

As irregular warfare comes to a crossroads, Congress chips in

IW proponents are wrestling with how to bring their domain into a new era—and to convince others it’s still needed.

Pentagon grounds all Ospreys, one week after deadly crash

Investigators suspect a “potential materiel failure” may have caused the Nov. 29 mishap off Japan.