The Middle East’s Indifference to Ukraine Is a Warning

What looks like international solidarity against a lawless invasion is something far more transactional and fragile.

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The DOD Needs a Joint Wargaming Center

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Establish a Zone of Peace in Western Ukraine

Sending foreign troops to defend so-far-uncontested territory is the only way to preserve a free Ukraine and prevent Putin’s next attack.

Ukraine, Fight Your Fight—Not Their Fight

The Ukrainian military needs the weapons and tactics of an irregular conflict, not a conventional war.

Should Killing a Satellite Provoke War on Earth?

A Space Force official says the service is considering how to respond to attacks in orbit.

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Taiwan Emerges as a ‘Pre-eminent Issue’ For CIA’s New China Directorate

A takeover might look like Russia’s takeover of Crimea and might be coordinated with the Kremlin.

It’s Not About Submarines. It’s about Software

Important as AUKUS submarines are in the military balance, the new way of deterrence will be about the strength, speed, and resilience of software.

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The U.S. military should ready itself for a warfighting environment in which the PLA’s realizes its vision of "intelligenization."

The Defense Budget Process Is Broken

What the U.S. needs isn’t more money for the Pentagon, but an honest and tough debate about strategy.