Look at Great Power Competition Through a Special Operations Lens

Most of this competition is far short of combat, which makes the principles and expertise of SOF keenly relevant.

Cool It With the ‘America In Decline’ Talk

Clear-eyed assessment, not reductive defeatism, is required to develop a foreign policy that meets U.S. interests.

National Security in the Age of Pandemics

We cannot reduce the danger and damage of the next pandemic by merely adding it to the ever-expanding laundry list of missions we expect the military to handle.

The Damage That ‘America First’ Has Done

A self-interested strategy will not help the U.S. fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The Foreign Policy of 2021 Democrats

Joe Biden represents the so-called establishment’s last chance to reform U.S. foreign policy so it is better aligned with how Americans see the world.

It’s Time to Talk About Taiwan

Washington’s longstanding policy of strategic ambiguity is increasingly likely to inflame the kind of crisis it was meant to deter.

How a Stock Bubble Could Unwind America’s National Security

Tesla’s astronomic rise portends a crash that will add heft to the forces of deglobalization.

Overspending on the Pentagon Won’t Make Us Safer

We spend far more on the military than the countries we most fear, while shorting the things that would actually help us compete.

Why Does the US Spend So Much on Defense?

It is well to remember that the real bill includes not just DOD spending but VA, intelligence, and more. But those who would cut spending must also propose a new strategy.

Donald Trump Stumbles Into a Foreign-Policy Triumph

The president, however inadvertently, may be reminding the world of the reality of international relations.

Sending Troops Back to the Middle East Won’t Stop Iran

Knee-jerk deployments only distract from the president’s bigger priorities: China and Russia.

Esper Is Attempting the Biggest Defense Reform in a Generation

In two recent memos, the SecDef reveals his intention to change how the Pentagon uses its money, people, and time.

The Global Race for Big National-Security Ideas Is On

The United States faces genuinely new challenges—but tries to understand them using outmoded theories from a bygone era.

Iran’s Smart Strategy

The Iranians chose neither to fold nor to fight. It is not clear at this point who was more deterred by whom.

The US, Iran, and the Consequences of Breaking International Law

Some in the U.S. act as if only naked might matters in foreign policy. Yet American policy in Iran and Iraq illustrates something different.