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Americans are Disturbingly ‘Ill-Informed and Naive’ on China, Navy’s Intel Chief Says

Recent balloon incident brought some attention to the possible threat, but not enough, says Rear Adm. Michael Studeman.

Send Me Software, Not Hardware, Navy Infowar Leader Says

“Boxes of computers” aren’t so helpful aboard space-limited ships, Rear Adm. Doug Small said.

Can a New Information-Security Approach Save the Navy $1B a Year?

The CIO touts his Cyber Ready plan for continuous vulnerability monitoring.

Marines Issue Warning on Amphib Fleet

The assistant commandant says 31 large amphibious warfare ships are needed to avoid risk.

New Sonar For Navy Frigates Could Turn Any Ship into Submarine Hunter, Maker Says

Thales says its Advanced Acoustic Concepts towed sensors can be installed in just two days.

As a Groundbreaking Unmanned Task Force Hits Stride, Navy Mulls the Next One

Task Force 59 has earned full operational capability while “normalizing this activity,” 5th Fleet’s commander said.