Training & Simulation

How to hide a helicopter refueling point, and other lessons from a giant Navy wargame

A stealthy Marine logistics team was just one small part of Large Scale Exercise 23.

Army's new training simulators on track for 2024 delivery

Trainees were so efficient at using simulated drones to coordinate artillery strikes that one soldier had to tell them to “leave something for the tanks to shoot at.”

Retired admirals, Project Overmatch will figure in Navy’s upcoming giant exercise

The second annual edition of the Large Scale Exercise will feature multiple crises erupting around the world.

Inside the Air Force’s anechoic chamber

Future platforms will require bespoke hardware to test at the Edwards facility.

Data-rights fight may delay training on Air Force's new F-35 simulator

Disagreement with Lockheed may stall installation of latest software in a next-gen training facility.

China’s New Conscription Rules Reveal Concerns

New sections on wartime drafts, punishment, and physical fitness offer a glimpse into PLA leaders’ minds.

After 2 Rollovers, Marines Overhaul Amphibious Combat Vehicle Training

A brand-new unit will teach Marines to drive the vehicles through the surf.

Boeing Eyes Summer Flight Tests for Delayed Training Jet, Citing ‘Progress’ on Ejection-Seat Woes

The company says it’s almost ready to test-fly the Air Force’s T-7A Red Hawk, but lawmakers are impatient.

How One Simulation Maker Is Adding AI, Drone Tactics

BISim is updating its widely used Virtual Battle Space products to reflect developments from Ukraine to Silicon Valley.

Some Ukrainian Troops Are Still Using Soviet Methods, Despite US Training

One year into the conflict, younger officers still strain against older leaders’ ways, military experts note.

When Training Simulation Is Better Than Reality

It all comes down to risks, access, and how tailored the virtual environment can be.

Navy Wants Simulators That Measure Learning, Not Just Reps

The service’s LVC leader says more sophisticated data-capture methods are on the way.

Space Force Is Building a Virtual Training Ground for Space Conflict

In an interview, chief of space operations notes China’s efforts to jam and intercept orbiting satellites.

Space Force to Spend $340 Million on New Training Infrastructure

The service’s budget proposal also includes $99 million in the next year for updated space launch ranges, and $1 billion more across the next five years.

Marines To Train For Future Battlefield With Immersive Technologies

The Marine Corps is revamping its training and education programs to prepare Marines to be problem solvers and decision makers, senior service officials say.