‘There Will Be No Withdrawal’: Syrian Allies Say US Has Promised to Keep Some Troops There

But for how long? The Kurds say uncertainty is emboldening Turkey, Russian-backed militias, and the Assad regime.

Biden Extends Ban on Turkey Buying F-35 Stealth Fighter

Pentagon spokesman urges Ankara “not to retain” an advanced Russian air-defense system.

Exclusive: Longtime US Diplomat Weighs America’s Legacy in Syria

The immediate damage of the Turkish invasion has been repaired, Bill Roebuck says, but warns ISIS could reemerge without more U.S. assistance.

How Washington Should Handle Turkey's Summer of Flex

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Trump Should Teach Erdogan a Lesson in Law, Not Corruption

The president offered to help Turkey’s strongman beat U.S. courts, John Bolton has revealed. It only helps Iran.

Is the Conflict in Libya a Preview of the Future of Warfare?

Drones. Mercenaries. Disinformation campaigns waged on social media.

2020 Dems Need To Get Up To Speed on Nuclear Weapons. Fast.

Front-runners have displayed key misunderstandings, while other candidates have shied away from the topic.

Turkey Will Make F-35 Parts Throughout 2020, Far Longer Than Anticipated

U.S. officials had aimed to get Turkish companies out of the jet’s supply chain by March.

Best of 2019: Politics

A look back at some of the top political stories of the year.

Trump Just Ghosted NATO, But Here’s What He Said That Matters

The president was on a roll until he surrendered a final chance to lay out his concerns and priorities.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ankara?

The question is not: “Can we live with a rogue Turkey?” but: “Do we have a choice?” said one U.S. official.

Erdogan Blasts US at White House. Was That Good for NATO?

Critics howled at Trump’s invitation to the Turkish autocrat. Others clench their teeth and say it’s paramount to keep Ankara in the anti-Russian alliance.

Erdoğan Defies Trump. So Why Do They Get Along?

The two have undeniable personal chemistry, but their countries are drifting apart.

The Mothers Who Fled the Turkish Incursion

Attacks by Turkish-backed forces shattered a hard-won pseudo-normalcy for Syrian women who had lived under ISIS.

The Mad Scramble for Syria

After weeks of chaos in the northeast, great powers redrew a small chunk of the map. And a bigger story is just beginning.

McConnell Asked White House For Sanctions Position, Dem Senator Says

The Senate majority leader is weighing the myriad sanctions proposals on the Hill, Sen. Van Hollen said at the Defense One Outlook 2020 conference.