Afghanistan Veterans Struggling With News of Taliban Takeover

Advocates encourage veterans to use VA, veteran service organization resources for help.

Some Veterans Say Republicans are Blocking Their Ability to Vote

Democrats and veterans groups say the bill would expand access to early and mail-in voting, which can make voting easier for disabled veterans

VA Mandates Vaccines for Health Care Workers

“It’s the best way to keep veterans safe, especially as the Delta variant spreads across the country,” said VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

How Biden Can Help Warriors Save Warriors

Make a call, take a call, and be honest — it could help save a life.

Understaffed Veterans Affairs Scrambles to Confront COVID-19

The VA’s patients are disproportionately elderly and many have war-related health conditions that could make them more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Nixon’s Leniency After My Lai Hurt Veterans. Trump’s May, Too.

A president’s actions in 1971 helped turn public opinion against those who fought the Vietnam War.

A Veteran’s Thanksgiving Pledge

I want to help rebuild an America that is worth the sacrifices of so many.

US Vets Targeted by Foreign Actors Aiming to Sway Elections, Experts Tell Congress

Actors from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and elsewhere gain access to online forums by impersonating vets they find online

How Best to Thank a Veteran? Avoid More Unjust Wars

A 2017 poll found that about half of Americans would support launching an unprovoked war on a country that poses no near-term threat.

Trump Told the VA to Order ‘a Lot’ of Ketamine for Vets

The president wants to make a controversial new nasal spray available to depressed veterans. The agency says it will consider incorporating the drug after it has more data.

For Soldiers, Risk of Suicide Linked With Firearm Ownership

Clinicians advise that soldiers at risk for suicide spend less time close to guns.

Trump's Wrong. Not All War Veterans are 'Sick'

It's important we debunk false narratives about veterans who struggle with mental health injuries.

Stan McChrystal: I Threw Away My Robert E. Lee Painting

“It was not a simple decision,” says the retired Afghanistan war commander.

Welcome, Class of 2022: Last of the Pre-9/11 Cohort

Your arrival reminds us all to do more to connect America’s citizens to their country’s wars, and its civilians to its veterans.