White House

After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong

A mission to rid the world of “terror” and “evil” led America in tragic directions.

The Forever War is Dead. Long Live the Forever War

The fight against terrorism will continue, yet our body politic is weakened by double-speak.

What Went Wrong in Afghanistan?

The next decade will produce many studies to answer that question, but here is a preliminary answer from a long-term Afghanistan watcher.

Biden Will Announce $60M Security Aid to Ukraine To Counter Russia

The White House meeting with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskyy will also reaffirm the partnership between the two countries.

Not For the First Time, COVID Takes Back Seat to a More Pressing Crisis

The evacuation of refugees from Afghanistan depends on cramming people into closed spaces—during a global pandemic.


Kabul Evacuee With Potential ISIS Ties Detained at Qatar Base

Up to 100 evacuees have been flagged for further scrutiny during the more comprehensive screening they received at their first stop after Afghanistan.

How One Tech Entrepreneur Is Scaling Up Veteran-Led Evacuation Efforts

Volunteers in the U.S. are telling fleeing Afghans where Taliban traps are.

Biden Holds to Aug. 31 Evacuation Deadline, But Orders Up ‘Contingency Plans’ for Afghanistan Pullout

Military, contracted planes have airlifted 87,900 people from Kabul as of Wednesday—but the Taliban is now clamping down on who can leave.

US Has Evacuated 42,000 from Kabul; 16,000 in last 24 Hours Alone, Pentagon Says

The pace is still rising; Taliban have threatened “consequences” if U.S. forces remain beyond Aug. 31.

So Much for a ‘Foreign Policy for the Middle Class’

Biden’s answer to Trump’s approach lasted only as long as its first major test.

Defense Secretary Orders US Airlines to Help With Evacuation

It's only the third time in history that the U.S. airlines have been mobilized by the military.

US Helicopters Rescued 169 Americans Outside Airport; More Ops Could Follow

Biden “will mobilize every resource necessary” to save more, but U.S. has yet to test Taliban checkpoints. Meanwhile, fuel-strained air operations resume.

More Seats Than Passengers: Paperwork, Taliban Slow Afghanistan Evacuation

But the pace is picking up. Some 6,000 "will soon board planes," a State Department spokesman said.

We Have One Last Chance to Save Our Allies

If the United States acts now, it can still evacuate tens of thousands of Afghans whose lives are at risk for the aid they gave us.


Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says

Chris Miller now says talk of a full withdrawal was a “play” to convince a Taliban-led government to keep U.S. counterterrorism forces.