White House

NSA Can Now Order Other Agencies to Fix Their IT Systems

A White House memo grants the intelligence agency new powers under the May 2021 executive order on cybersecurity.

Here’s What DOD’s International Security Nominee Learned from Russia’s 2014 Seizure of Crimea

Send weapons faster, and prepare to boost U.S. forces in the region, Celeste Wallander told lawmakers.

Unless Biden Acts Now, His Nuclear Policy Will Look a Lot Like Trump’s

The smart move is to declare a "sole purpose" policy and reverse the dangerous expansion of nuclear missions.

The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine

If Putin is not deterred from seizing another chunk of sovereign territory, he won’t stop there.

Who’s in Charge of US Space Policy?

Space professionals worry the National Space Council is ceding its defense portfolio.

US Will Make ‘No Firm Commitments’ In Russia Talks This Week, Admin Official Says

Everything discussed at the meeting will also need to be considered by Washington and allies, the official said.

Facebook Hosted Surge of Misinformation and Insurrection Threats in Months Leading Up to Jan. 6 Attack, Records Show

A ProPublica/Washington Post analysis of Facebook posts, internal company documents and interviews, provides the clearest evidence yet that the social media giant played a critical role in spreading lies that fomented the violence of Jan. 6.

White House: Russia Stepping Up Disinformation In Possible Invasion Prelude

U.S. sees rising likelihood of Russian military action against Ukraine, promises strong response.

Joe Biden Really, Really, Really Should Accept Manchin’s Climate Deal

If Democrats fail to pass a climate policy, they will all but guarantee that the world will warm by a dangerous amount and that the U.S. will surrender its technological advantage to China.

My Children Live in Fear of US Drones

It is time to end America’s use of airstrikes that too often kill the innocent.

Diplomacy Is ‘No Longer Sufficient’ To Prevent Russian Escalation, Lithuanian Defense Chief Says

The U.S. should act now to punish Russia and help Ukraine, not wait for a full-scale invasion, Arvydas Anusauskas said.

Three Soldiers to Receive Medal of Honor

The awards are for actions during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Diplomacy Alone Can’t Save Democracy

Domestic actors, not global summits, drive democratization.

Biden Rules Out Sending Troops to Ukraine, at Least for Now

NSA Sullivan says U.S. will limit its support for Kyiv to weapons, pressure in the face of Moscow’s buildup.

Judge Suspends White House's Vaccine Mandate for Contractors

Following last week's preliminary injunction for three states, the temporary move throws Biden's entire executive order into question.

Biden to Phone Putin, Lay Out the Economic Consequences of Invading Ukraine

The president has been talking with European allies to craft a united sanctions plan to deliver “significant, severe harm,” a senior administration official said.

Biden Says a Plan is ‘In Play’ To Deter Russian Aggression in Ukraine

The U.S. president will reportedly speak with Putin by phone in the coming days.