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Adam Serwer


Donald Is No Dove

The president’s criticism of military contractors is belied by his commitment to fattening their pockets.


China’s Coronavirus Disinformation Ensnared Its Chief Target

Trump’s “Chinese virus” tweets are, in part, an attempt to cover up how he ignored U.S. intelligence and believed Beijing.


The ‘Russia Hoax’ Is a Hoax

A report by the FBI inspector general debunks the claims that the investigation into political interference by the Kremlin was a left-wing conspiracy to depose the president.


The War-Crimes President

When violence is directed at those Trump’s supporters hate and fear, they see such excesses not as crimes but as virtues.


The Terrorism That Doesn’t Spark a Panic

Americans should react to violence from religious and ethnic minorities with the same sense of proportion they reserve for far-right extremists.