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Alex Brown


Democrats May Delay GOP Defense Bill Until Spending Caps Are Lifted

In both chambers, the minority wants to stop the majority from passing bills that skirt or exceed funding caps.


Why Obama's ISIS War Powers Request Is Going Nowhere

A month after the White House released a new draft to authorize military force against the Islamic State, the measure hasn't gained support in either chamber or party.


Democrats Hit GOP Over National Security in Homeland Funding Bill Fight

Citing Paris, ISIS and even 9/11, Democrats try to gain some leverage over the GOP in a fight that leaves the Homeland Security Department's future in limbo.


Obama, GOP Agree the US Needs New War Powers To Fight ISIS

During a meeting with congressional leaders Tuesday, the only real progress came on Syria, with Obama pledging to work on a use of force resolution. By Alex Brown


Rand Paul Wants To Tie Declaration of War Against ISIS To Defense Bill

Under Sen. Paul's largely symbolic bill, the U.S. would have 12 months to fight ISIS with limited ground troops. By Alex Brown


Will Sexual Assault Reform Derail the Defense Bill?

With time running short, Senate Armed Services leaders want to rush passage of the new defense bill without any amendments tacked on. By Jordain Carney and Alex Brown


Why Elon Musk Is Suing the U.S. Air Force

Rocket design firm SpaceX is suing for the right to bid on Pentagon contracts Elon Musk says will save taxpayers billions of dollars. By Alex Brown


Russia Wants to Limit U.S. Access to Space Station

In response to U.S. sanctions, the Russian government is attempting to limit the Pentagon's ability to send satellites into space. By Alex Brown


Newt Gingrich’s Plan to Save the World

Newt Gingrich is convinced that America’s fragile electrical grid could be wiped out at any moment. And he has a plan to stop it. By Alex Brown

Science & Tech

Government Passwords Are Incredibly Easy to Hack

Some of the federal government's most sensitive data are protected by passwords that wouldn't pass muster for even the most basic civilian email account, according to a report. By Alex Brown