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Alex Horton

Alex Horton served as an Army infantryman in Iraq with the Third Stryker Brigade, Second Infantry Division. Until recently, he was a public affairs specialist with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

How Three Veterans Uncovered the Iraq War's Biggest Untold Story

Abandoned Iraqi chemical weapons wounded at least 600 U.S. soldiers. Telling their stories would be no easy feat. By Alex Horton


Help Veterans by Taking Them Off the Pedestal

Veterans face plenty of challenges after returning from war. Its time to find a more constructive way to help them reintegrate back into civilian life. By Alex Horton


When Will the Media Stop Fueling the Angry Vet Narrative?

After the Navy Yard shooting, many media outlets were quick to point out the shooter’s military service, fueling the dangerous narrative that veterans are more prone to violence. By Alex Horton