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Alex Rogers

Congressional reporter for National Journal

Alex Rogers is a Congressional reporter for National Journal. He graduated from Vanderbilt in 2012 and interned for The Tennessean before joining Time as a Washington reporter prior to his arrival at National Journal.

Senate Leader Surprises Lawmakers with New ISIS War Powers Request

Neither Republicans nor Democrats knew the majority leader planned to set up a debate on authorizing the use of force against the Islamic State.


Facing Divisions at Home and Wars Abroad, Obama May Go It Alone for His Final Stretch

On Guantanamo and other issues, the president has to decide whether he will let Congress stand in his way.


Scalise Emerges as Defense Hawks' Pick for House No. 2

The majority whip backed their plan to evade spending limits by using the wartime contingency fund.


Landmark Iran Deal Gains Enough Support To Override GOP Veto

With the backing of Maryland Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Democrats now have enough votes in the Senate to ensure the nuclear agreement survives.


The Democrat Who Could Swing the Iran Deal

Chuck Schumer is caught between liberals who want to side with the administration, and hawks skeptical of rapprochement with Tehran.


Senate Passes Amendment Banning Torture

The bill has little chance of becoming law if the White House vetoes the NDAA, but it is nonetheless a symbolic measure.


As More US Troops Head to Iraq, New Congressional Approval Isn’t Going Anywhere

Despite some legal experts' claims that the U.S. shouldn't fight ISIS on the authority to fight al-Qaida, the issue is a political hot potato in almost every corner of Washington.


GOP View Rand Paul as National Security Distraction in March to 2016

The presidential hopeful got what he wanted—expiration of the Patriot Act—but he alienated a lot of people along the way.


In Senate GOP's Iran Standoff, the Rebels Are Losing

Most Republicans are siding against Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton in their quest for tough amendment votes.