The Coming Fall of Mosul

Iraqi forces are on the verge of a mighty victory.


Trump Gets an Upgrade at National Security Advisor

By replacing Mike Flynn with H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump added one of the most talented officers the U.S. Army has ever produced to a key post.


Donald Trump Will Defeat ISIS

And it will be mostly due to the work of his predecessor.


The Right — and Wrong — Lessons of Trump’s Yemen Raid

Americans have to allow its elite men and women to be aggressive, to take risks, and to, on occasion, fall short.


Can Mike Flynn Regain Influence Inside the White House?

Trump’s national security advisor faces challenges ahead in his quest to become part of the president’s decision-making process.


The Dangerous Delusion of 'We Should've Kept the Oil'

The president has said he wants to support the troops, but his careless comments put U.S. lives at risk in Iraq.


No Way to Honor Sacrifice

On Saturday, President Trump stood in front of the CIA’s Memorial Wall and gave a speech that said more about himself than those the wall commemorated, or the agency they served.