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Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter is director of the Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He previously served as director of the Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell in the Defense Department and as a professional staff member of the House Armed Services Committee.

The US Army’s Next Big 5 Must Be Capabilities, Not New Platforms

The service’s weapons are increasingly unsuited for tomorrow’s battlefields, but there’s too little time and money to start from scratch.


Space Is Booming. America’s Next Heavy-Lift Rocket Should Reflect That

As the U.S. government leaves the RD-180 rocket engine behind, it should position itself to support and reap the benefits of the growth in orbital markets.


What Will Replace the Third Offset? Lessons from Past Innovation Strategies

Whatever the name, it’s crucial to have a framework for directing and harnessing advancements in defense technology.


The US Needs More Weapons That Can Be Quickly and Easily Modified

The U.S. military will lose its technological edge unless it figures out how to foster adaptable systems. Here's one idea.


What to Watch for in 2016

It’s likely to be an important transitional year for many defense issues as the Obama administration draws to a close.


Obama’s New Drone Export Rules Won't Sell More Drones

President Obama’s new drone export rules are little more than a mix of existing rules reflecting an outdated perspective on these important weapons.


Want Bipartisan Success in Congress? Pass Defense Acquisition Reform

There are few things in Congress with more bipartisan support than fixing how the Pentagon buys everything – so get moving. By Andrew Hunter