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Bryan McGrath

Managing Director, The FerryBridge Group

Bryan McGrath is the Managing Director of The FerryBridge Group LLC, a consultancy with clients in government and industry. Since 2006, (among other things) he has been the primary author of a Navy strategy document, co-developed the Navy’s Distributed Lethality concept, co-authored a think tank report on the use of the aircraft carrier in high end warfare, and co-authored a think tank report on a Navy fleet architecture alternative. He has written and lectured widely on Navy force structure, concepts, capabilities, and systems.

The Navy Put Its Next Amphib on Hold. Good.

The proposal to build a slow and combat-shy Light Amphibious Warship raises questions about a key Marine Corps operating concept.


Ending Production of This Warship Is a Mistake

The Navy’s new shipbuilding plan would replace all but three more LPD-17s with a vague plan to get started on a replacement class.


Back Off, Congress: Don’t Meddle With the US Navy’s Command Philosophy

A proposal to force surface-ship officers to specialize would undermine a conceptual pillar of the world’s dominant naval power.


How This US Navy Admiral Gives In to China Is Exactly What's Wrong With US Power Today

Authoritarian regimes are taking advantage of US passivity to gain territory, a phenomenon many thought extinct.