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Caroline Dorminey

Policy Director, Womens Action for New Directions

Caroline Dorminey is the Policy Director at Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND).

Some Arms Exports Are Riskier Than Others. Here’s a Tool To Tell Which Ones

The problems with selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and Turkey were hardly unpredictable.


House Democrats Want To Kill This More Useable Nuke. They’re Right.

There are no good arguments for the W76-2 warhead, and quite a few good ones against.


Yemen Shows Why US Needs to Change Its Arms Sales Policy

A Senate resolution to reduce U.S. participation in Yemen's war failed, but policymakers seeking to reduce complicity in the humanitarian crisis have another option.


What to Expect from the Pentagon’s First-Ever Audit

Dramatic surprises are unlikely, but the resulting information should feed better discussions and decisions about national-security spending.