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Daryl G. Kimball

Executive Director, Arms Control Association

Daryl G. Kimball is executive director of the independent, nonpartisan Arms Control Association. For 28 years, he has engaged in research, education and policy advocacy for effective arms control measures to address the threats posed by nuclear, chemical, biological, and certain conventional weapons.

A New Nuclear Deal? Start with New START

Russia is ready to extend this critical treaty, but Trump isn’t taking “yes” for an answer.


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Discard the pipe dream of INF-plus-China. Focus instead on keeping new missiles too far away to strike.


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The agreements that hold back a strategic arms race are in trouble. But there is a way forward.


Don’t Blow Up an Effective Iran Deal

If members of Congress think blocking this deal will lead to a better one, they are dangerously mistaken.


Will Attacking Syria Prevent More Chemical Weapons Attacks?

An inadequate response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria will only increase the risk that the world's most dangerous weapons will be used to commit further atrocities. By Daryl G. Kimball