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Dashiell Bennett


Anti-Terrorism Raid in Belgium Kills Two Suspected Jihadists

Two suspected jihadists killed by Belgian police in the city of Verviers were part of a group that was allegedly planning to commit a large terror attack. By Dashiell Bennett


A Dramatic End to the French Hostage Standoff

As French police surrounded the Paris gunmen, where the two have at least one hostage, another related hostage crisis is unfolding in a Paris supermarket. By Adam Chandler and Dashiell Bennett


Manhunt Underway for Paris Attackers

Despite the surrender of a possible accomplice, the two main suspects remain at large. By Dashiell Bennett


The Taliban Massacres Students in Pakistan

An attack in Peshawar killed more than 145 people, most of them the young children of army officers and soldiers. By Dashiell Bennett


Has Russia Invaded Ukraine Again?

A convoy of tanks and trucks reportedly crossed the border into Luhansk, threatening a new escalation in the region. By Dashiell Bennett


Revealed: What U.S. Spy Agencies Spend Their Money On

Newly leaked documents, given to The Washington Post by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, show how U.S. spy agencies spend their $56 billion dollar budget. By Dashiell Bennett


A Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria May Have Killed Hundreds

Specific details about the incident are currently unknown, but the attack could be one of the war's deadliest to date. By Dashiell Bennett


Egypt's Military Cracks Down on Protesters

The army began breaking up protests staged by supporters of former President Mohammad Morsi. Unconfirmed reports from Cairo are suggesting a high death toll so far. By Dashiell Bennett


The Afghanistan Negotiations Are Not Going Well

Talks to draw down the war effectively are being derailed