Ep. 52: Ali Wyne on the US, China and 'Great Power Competition'

Ali has been giving America’s so-called Great Power Competition with Russia and China a great deal of thought lately — especially when it comes to China.


Ep. 51: Magnus Nordenman on Russia, the U.S., and "The New Battle for the Atlantic"

Magnus Nordenman explains how America's strategic and operational environment in the North Atlantic has changed since the Cold War, and quite a bit more.


Ep. 50: Cyberwarfare yesterday

This episode, we survey the history of cyberwarfare — from the ascent of Chinese hackers this century to the arrest of a Soviet-linked hacker 30 years ago, and a lot in between.


Ep. 49: Cyberwarfare tomorrow

This episode, we turn to the future world of cyberwarfare — from life after encryption to the 5G debate, from the next election to the next generation of cyber professionals, and a lot more.


Ep. 48: Cyberwarfare today

In the first of a three-part podcast series, we're going to look at the contemporary risks of cyber warfare, from ransomware and extortion to online banking and culture wars.


Ep. 47: Mosul, revisited (part two) with Mike Giglio and Dan Gabriel

We continue our remembrance of the Iraqi and coalition forces pushing the Islamic State group out of Mosul two years ago this week.


Ep. 46: Mosul, revisited (part one) with Omar Mohammed of Mosul Eye

This episode we travel to Paris to meet the Iraqi historian behind secretive dispatches during the Islamic State group's occupation of Mosul.


Brussels Forum, Live

Watch the livestream from the German Marshall Fund's annual Brussels Forum.

Science & Tech

It's Today! Our 4th Annual Tech Summit. Watch Live!

Join us at the Newseum for our annual look at the technology that is shaping the future of national security.


Ep. 45: Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter

Carter sat down with Defense One to talk about China, what it takes to succeed in the Pentagon, how not to waste a $750 billion-dollar defense budget — and much more.


Ep. 44: Under Secretary Andrea Thompson and Kori Schake, live from the Shangri-La Defense Dialogue

Welcome to our podcast about the news, strategy, tech, and business trends defining the future of national security.


News from Shangri-La 2019: Shanahan's test; DOD's INDOPAC report; UAE's tanker request

A special edition of D Brief brings news and notes from the 2019 IISS Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.


Global Business Briefing with SAIC CEO Tony Moraco

On Jan. 23, 2019, Moraco talked about the federal budget, research-and-development spending and the proposed Space Force.


Ep. 43: Nuclear weapons awareness in the 20th and 21st centuries

We explore the public’s changing awareness of nuclear weapons, and efforts to get young people to engage.


Watch: Future Security Forum

Defense One partners with New America to bring you the Future Security Forum in Washington, D.C.


Ep. 42: Escalating in Somalia

We look into why the U.S. military is escalating its air campaign against al-Shabaab, and what sort of challenges stand in the way of building up a Somali army that can fight Shabaab on its own.


Livestream: 'NATO Engages: The Alliance at 70'

Watch the 2019 ‘NATO Engages’ summit, with VP Mike Pence, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and more, live from Washington, D.C.