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Diane Barnes

Diane Barnes is a reporter with Global Security Newswire, having first joined the publication as a staff writer in 2007. She covers daily developments on Syria's chemical weapons, Iran's nuclear program, strategic arms control and other issues. Barnes has contributed to publications including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Palm Beach Post and the London Daily Telegraph. She is a graduate of George Washington University.

'Compromise' May Return Chemical Weapons Facilities Back to Assad

Officials in Washington are nervous over a proposal to return some of Syria's underground chemical weapons facilities back to the Assad regime. By Diane Barnes


Medical Schools Need More Terrorism Response Training

Despite a warning from experts more than 10 years ago, the nation's medical schools still have a way to go toward preparing their students for chemical weapon attacks. By Diane Barnes


The Last of Assad's Known Chemical Weapons Are Now Out of Syria

After multiple missed deadlines, some 1,300 tons of declared chemical weapons have finally been removed from the deeply troubled nation, but questions remain about whether that was really all of it. By Diane Barnes


Iran Is Eliminating More Than Half of Its Weapons-Capable Uranium

Hoping to ease its neighbors' concerns, Tehran is sticking to an agreement made in November to prove its refinement process will not lead to a nuke in Iran's hands. By Diane Barnes

Science & Tech

New Algorithm May Help Detect Nuclear Smuggling at Airports

Tweaking the code might be all it takes. By Diane Barnes


The Pentagon Is Revising Its WMD Strategy

The new strategy replaces the 2006 plan and will better ‘reflect the global nature’ of the threat. By Diane Barnes


Land-Based Nukes Escape Drastic Cuts Under New START Treaty

But the new START arms control treaty does get a boost from the Pentagon's decision to eliminate 50 weapons from its deployed ICBM fleet. By Diane Barnes


U.S. Nuclear Bomb Designs Vulnerable, Says Government Watchdog

Energy Department investigator criticizes bomb data protections, questionable staff access. By Diane Barnes


Iran Has Resumed Work at Suspicious Military Base

The Institute for Science and International Security says Iran has resumed work at a base believed by some specialists to have housed nuclear-arms studies. By Diane Barnes

Science & Tech

U.S. Conducts 'Successful' Test of an Updated B61 Nuclear Bomb

An early performance analysis of a revamped nuclear gravity bomb was 'successful.' By Diane Barnes


Congress Targets Four Firms That Did Business with Iran

The Government Accountability Office identified four companies that did deals with Iran’s energy sector, despite global sanctions. By Diane Barnes


Pakistan Named ‘Most Improved’ on Nuclear Security

Since 2012, Pakistan did more to boost protection of its atomic-bomb fuel than any other nuclear-armed country, analysts say. By Diane Barnes


Putin Eyeing Precision Conventional Weapons as Nuclear Substitutes

The Russian leader says that the arms would function primarily as an alternative to nuclear weapons. By Diane Barnes


Pentagon Seeks Vaccine Against Cold War 'Q-Fever'

Suddenly, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency wants a vaccine for bacteria the Soviets weaponized decades ago. By Diane Barnes


How the Senate Is Complicating Negotiations With Iran

Former officials say that imposing new sanctions makes Washington look unserious about negotiations. By Diane Barnes


Iran's New Nuclear-Fuel Plan Spurs Uncertainty in the West

Iranian nuclear talks seemed promising, but leaked plans to make fuel raise red flags. By Diane Barnes


Pentagon Equips Kenya, Uganda Against WMD Threats

Move is to help build response capacity of east African countries in the event of a WMD attack. By Diane Barnes