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Elizabeth Howe

Staff Reporter, Defense One

Elizabeth Howe
Elizabeth Howe is staff reporter at Defense One covering the Army and general assignments. Previously she was assistant editor. Born on Andrews Air Force Base, Md., she moved with her Air Force family 16 times in 18 years. She earned a B.A. and M.A. at Virginia Tech and has experience in defense journalism, social media management, and podcasting. She is also zookeeper to two dumpster cats and a German Shepherd.

Is the Army Misplacing the Blame for Its Recruiting Crisis?

At least two of its oft-cited reasons are “red herrings,” experts say.


After Army Vet's Heroic Actions in a Gay Bar, GOP Lawmakers Release Anti-Woke Manifesto

As violence and threats rise against LGBTQ+ people, 10 senators join bill to roll back a Pentagon diversity-and-inclusion effort.


Army: Renovating Moldy Barracks is Just the Beginning of Prepping for Climate Change

While the Army works to improve and renovate facilities across the globe, it feels it’s built “solid” against climate impacts to come.


Special Operators Lack ‘Seat at the Table’ in Post-Counterterror Pentagon, SOF Leaders Say

Even as U.S.-trained Ukranians show their mettle, SOF is getting lost in the transition to great power competition, says the assistant defense secretary for special ops.


Could Ukraine Retake Crimea? Not Easily

Difficult approaches and dug-in Russian forces would likely mean a long and difficult effort, experts said.


The US’s New Tool for Deterrence Isn’t Ready

The “SOF, space, and cyber triad” is meant to serve as an integrated deterrent, much like the nuclear triad.


Army Special Ops Is Changing Psyops Training to Reflect Ukraine War

Even as some operators chafe at rules that keep them out of the fight, they are keenly interested in how Ukrainians are applying their U.S. training.


Army Criminal Division Reviewing Thousands of Cases for Errors

At least 1,900 soldiers saw their careers slowed or ended by incorrect tagging in the service’s criminal database.


Army’s New Training Center Keeps Forces Available in Indo-Pacific

Service leaders say the first regional center in 50 years will improve training and save time and effort.


The Army Can Predict When Some Leaders Are at Risk of Misconduct

And they’re using targeted counseling to intervene before those high-risk periods begin.


The Army Should Defend Soldiers Online, Too, Top Enlisted Soldier Says

‘I got your back’, says Sgt. Maj. Grinston, who subtweeted critics of women in the military on Twitter, seeming to contradict the Army secretary.

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Woke-ism Not to Blame for Army Shortfalls, Says Top Recruiting General

“That is not what I’m seeing,” says commanding general of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, as right-wing pundits target the military over anti-racism, anti-extremism, gender, and climate change policies.


AUSA Conference Wire: Recruiting Crisis

On Day 1 of the country's largest land-warfare show, service leaders talked about their efforts to find more young people to serve.


Army Climate Plan Relies on Technology That Doesn’t Exist Yet

The most “complex” aspect of the implementation plan is “building a force to operate in the future that still has to operate in the present,” officials said.