Warren Vows to Double the Number of Career Diplomats at State

Democratic candidate calls for massive overhaul to the State Department and how it manages its employees.


Trump Removes Top DHS Staff

The slew of departures, apparently without plan or precedent, drew bipartisan criticism on Capitol Hill.


One in Five TSA Screeners Quits Within Six Months

TSA administrator says low pay is to blame and promises new compensation system soon.


Lawmakers Say They Have an Agreement to Avoid a 2nd Shutdown

They offered no details on the deal "in principle," but said they hoped to finalize it quickly.


The Cost of Trump’s Insistence on Border Wall: $3B in Economic Damage

The immediate hit to the economy is $11 billion in lost productivity, much of which will be recouped later this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


Trump Announces Deal to End Longest-Ever Shutdown — For Now

Congress is expected to quickly pass a new stopgap spending measure to reopen the government through Feb. 15.


It's Official: Furloughed Feds Will Receive Back Pay Once the Shutdown Ends

Bill signed into law on Wednesday also will ensure retroactive compensation for furloughed feds in future shutdowns.


GOP Lawmakers: Shutdown Could Last for Weeks

Trump summoned House and Senate leaders to the White House but failed to persuade them to fund the border wall.


Civilians Are Cheaper Than Contractors for Most Defense Jobs, Internal Report Finds

Contractors are particularly more expensive in the capital and Southeastern regions, according to a report obtained exclusively by Government Executive.


'I Am Proud to Shut Down the Government,' Trump Says During Fight with Democrats

The president made his position clear, saying he will “take the blame” if some federal agencies close.


UPDATED: See Who Gets Sent Home in a Shutdown

Some agencies would furlough virtually everyone, while others would remain completely open if there is a lapse in appropriations.


Just One in Six Feds Say They’re Excited to Implement Trump's Agenda

Most federal employees report feeling disrespected by the president; many say they will leave federal service soon.


Pentagon Unleashes 1,200 Auditors for Unprecedented Financial Review

After decades of false starts, the Defense Department aims to issue its first audit report in November 2018.


Amid Federal Finger-Pointing, FEMA Takes Stock of Puerto Rico Effort

The director acknowledged an imperfect response and says he wants to create a cadre of FEMA reservists.