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Gregory D. Foster

Professor, National Defense University

Gregory D. Foster is a professor at the National Defense University, a West Point graduate, and a decorated Vietnam War veteran. The views expressed here are his own.

Biden’s Interim National Security Guidance Is a Good, If Small, First Step

Next come the big questions: what is America’s current status, and where do we want to go?


We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us: Restoring American Power

Getting the nation’s house in order — restoring our integrity and dignity — is a precondition for reestablishing our standing in the world.


The Real Problem With 'Politicizing the Military'

The Constitution says nothing of civilian control of the military or its expected political neutrality. How we protect those traditions needs more attention than ever.


The Military We Have Vs. The Military We Need

We only pretend to build armed forces to confront the threats we face.


Why the Founding Fathers Would Object to Today’s Military

Today’s endless, undeclared and increasingly secret use of U.S. force is exactly what the founding fathers feared most. By Gregory D. Foster