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Hallie Golden

Hallie Golden is Nextgov's editorial fellow.

TSA's ‘Airport of the Future’ Will Use Biometrics, Risk-Based Screening

The airport security agency releases its ambitious strategy to upgrade its technology, connect more dots, and search fewer people.


US Army Looks Inward for Next Batch of Cyber Specialists

The vast majority of enlisted soldiers are eligible to apply for a yearlong training program.

Science & Tech

VA’s ‘Grand Challenge’: Open-Source Prosthetic Limbs for Veterans

The VA hopes a contest will spur innovation in replacement limbs the way DARPA jumpstarted self-driving cars.

Science & Tech

Pentagon Hires First Digital Media Director

DOD turns to yet another Truman National Security Project member in spokeswoman Stephanie Dreyer to work social media between Secretary Carter and the public.

Science & Tech

Cyber Teamwork Between Federal Agencies Still Too Hard, Says Army Cyber Commander

It's still difficult for the military to work with civilian agencies and the private sector on cybersecurity.

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DARPA's New Search Engine Puts Google in the Dust

After only one year in use, DARPA's Memex search engine has already played a key role in nearly 20 different investigations.

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Report Finds VA's Monitoring System Is Not Doing Its Job

The VA's inspector general found that a new system designed to keep close watch on the agency’s IT initiatives needs some monitoring of its own. By Hallie Golden