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Hilary Matfess

Hilary Matfess is a research analyst and a senior program officer at the Center for Democracy and Development in Abuja, Nigeria. She studied international economics and Africa at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

The Case Against Trump Selling Planes to Nigeria for War with Boko Haram

Some in Washington say that the sign of ‘goodwill’ between the two governments is really a vanity project for Nigeria.


Don’t Call Warlord Territory an ‘Ungoverned Space'

If we are to restore the rule of law to areas held by non-government groups, we must consider the sort of order they provide.


The Nigerian Military's Inconvenient Truth

By emphasizing his desire for weapons above military reforms, Nigeria's new president squandered a valuable opportunity to raise an important issue in U.S. policy circles.


Why the US Hesitates in the Fight Against Boko Haram

An effective counterinsurgency strategy hinges more on increasing the legitimacy of America's allies in Africa than it does on training the U.S. military can provide.


How the ISIS-Boko Haram Alliance Will Alter Nigeria's Future

Boko Haram's affiliation with the Islamic State will likely yield more for the Nigerian insurgency's recruiting than any game-changing operational assistance.


Is There More to the U.S. Mission in Uganda Than Finding Kony?

The U.S. sent Special Forces to Uganda to intensify the hunt for the infamous warlord Kony. But is it just part of a larger plan to contain the growing conflict in Africa? By Hilary Matfess