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Jack Moore

Jack Moore is Nextgov's news editor.

After OPM Hack, Security-Clearance Requests Will Run Through the Pentagon

The White House directive comes as the OPM shifts its background investigations to a newly-created National Background Investigations Bureau.


VA's New Paperless Claim System Has Nearly Doubled in Costs

The agency’s deputy IG told lawmakers the billion-dollar (and counting) system may not be worth the money.


Agencies Get Marching Orders for Filling 'Major' Cyber Talent Shortage

"We still have the fundamentals wrong," says Office of Management and Budget's Trevor Rudolph.

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DHS Wants Silicon Valley to Help It Secure the Internet of Things

The agency is dangling grant money to small business and big investors in the backyard of American tech giants like Facebook and Google.


Got Cyber? US Homeland Security Wants to Fast-Track Hundreds of New Workers

By June, DHS hopes to be moving on 1,000 new positions toward a more robust information security capability.


Here’s Obama’s IT Security To-Do List For Preventing the Next OPM Hack

An ambitious long-term framework to strengthen federal cybersecurity brings a waterfall of near-term deadlines for agency officials carrying out the new plan.


Five Times More Fingerprints Stolen in OPM Hack Than Previously Thought

Office of Personnel Management officials now say 5.6 million sets of prints were taken.


Should Hacked Feds Lose Security Clearance?

DHS security chief is considering a tough-love approach after some senior officials fail repeated tests.


The NSA's Fight To Keep Its Best Hackers

Even with flexible hiring authorities, the agency is losing its elite employees to deep-pocketed cyber-security firms.

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It's Taking Nearly a Decade To Upgrade the Pentagon's Internet

Defense Department IT officials are still using a technology transition plan that doesn't even reflect the role of U.S. Cyber Command, which launched in 2009.

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How a Homeland Security Shutdown Would Imperil US Cyber Defense

An agency official told House lawmakers a partial shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security would do more than just slow a timely response to critical threats.

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The Department of Homeland Security Is Stepping Up Its Cyber Defenses

White House and Homeland Security officials previewed a series of initiatives fusing cyber defense with real-time intelligence methods already in place.

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The Pentagon Moves To Tie Up Loose Ends on Its Network Security

The Defense Information Systems Agency is looking for “novel” approaches to secure the millions of devices connected to the Pentagon’s computer networks. By Jack Moore

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How Can Technology Fight Ebola in Off-the-Grid West Africa?

Leveraging technology to combat Ebola in West Africa was always going to be an uphill fight. By Jack Moore

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The Quiet Rise of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The NGA's intelligence-gathering has played a key role in every major world crisis since the raid on Osama bin Laden in 2011. By Jack Moore


VA Finally Seeking a Replacement for Its Outdated Scheduling System

The VA would love to put its wait list problems far behind it, and a new scheduling system expected to be announced by the end of the year could be a big step forward. By Jack Moore