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Three Misconceptions About Drones

A new report by the Stimson Center’s Task Force on U.S. Drone Policy examines some common beliefs about drones. By Janine Davidson


What the U.S. Could Do to Keep Putin Out of Ukraine

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski's shares his recent take on the best U.S. and NATO options amid the ongoing Ukraine crisis. By Janine Davidson


Why No One Is Buying the Air Force’s Argument To Ditch the A-10

Lawmakers want assurances that getting rid of the aircraft won’t leave soldiers vulnerable. So far, the Air Force is just not getting that message across. By Janine Davidson


What Hawks and Doves Both Miss on the Asia Pivot

Depending on one's perspective, China is either unchecked or overly provoked. But there is a bigger point still missing from most debates. by Janine Davidson


3 Myths About the Pivot to Asia

There has been much debate – and much misunderstanding – about the purpose and function of the so-called ‘pivot’ to Asia. By Janine Davidson


Is Putin Redefining 21st Century Warfare?

The Russian president’s moves reflect greater concern over what constitutes aggressive geopolitical behavior. By Janine Davidson


After a Decade of War, Troop Reductions Might Not Be So Bad

Growth in troop levels over the past 10 years suggests the DOD’s proposed reduction in active duty personnel may not cut as deep as it sounds. By Janine Davidson