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Joel S. Wit

Founder of the 38North website

Joel S. Wit is a Senior Fellow at the U.S.-Korea Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and founder of the 38North website.

What the North Koreans Told Me About Their Plans

I was one of a handful of former officials to meet with them when they were just developing their current strategy. Those talks offer the best information we have about how to achieve denuclearization.


How the Olympics Could Help Defuse the North Korea Crisis

The games give Trump a chance to affirm inter-Korean diplomacy while laying the groundwork for talks with the Kim regime.


Washington's Dangerous Drums of War on North Korea

Bombing North Korea’s missile sites would be a ‘monumental act of folly.’


Can Trump Make a Deal With North Korea?

One of the biggest problems facing the president-elect might also be his biggest opportunity.