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Michael Fabey

Mike Fabey is a freelance writer for Defense Systems.
Defense Systems

Navy to add more “virtual desktop infrastructure”

Navy engineers hope to cut costs by moving more computing to a remote server.

Defense Systems

Pentagon cyber report said cyber trails help track attackers

Cyberspace has become a “safe haven” for threat networks to lurk and hatch schemes.

Defense Systems

Lockheed leverages radar, sensors for Aegis destroyers

Lockheed Martin is hoping the new administration will support efforts to upgrade the radar, sensors and processors used for the combat systems on the ships.

Defense Systems

Navy fast-tracks new Electronic Warfare sensor

Lockheed is developing an EW pod for Sea Hawk helicopters to help with anti-ship missile defense.

Defense Systems

DOD R&D spending declined over last decade, CRS said

Although IT and telecom services fared better than other spending categories, research spending by industry partners has overtaken government R&D spending

Defense Systems

Northrop upgrades Fire Scout drone software

New contract adds capabilities and expands applications to new ships, such as Littoral Combat ships and destroyers.

Defense Systems

Navy networks ship’s gunnery systems

An augmented reality helmet fuses information from a ship's gunnery liaison officer and weapons system into an easy-to-interpret visual format for the gunner.

Defense Systems

USMC looks to augment amphibious ops with unmanned systems

With amphibious operations growing increasingly dangerous in contested coastal areas, the U.S. Marine Corps is considering more equipment and tactics for automated and unmanned tasks.

Defense Systems

Navy updates radar software on stealthy Zumwalt

Raytheon officials say the plan is to start activating and operating the radar before the ship's arrival on the West Coast.