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Mona Yacoubian

US Institute of Peace

Mona Yacoubian is a senior advisor at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Don’t Let Iran Tensions Stop the Battle Against ISIS

My recent journey through northern Iraq revealed how fragile the region remains, and how extremism could once again take root.


'By, With, Through' Was the Best Hope for Syria — And Ending 'Endless Wars'

The U.S. acquiescence to Turkey’s invasion abandons an effective Kurdish partner, but also a creative model that was working.


How US and European Aims Overlap in the Middle East

Although deep disconnects plague transatlantic cooperation, the two sides still share a common interest in stabilizing this volatile region.


After ISIS, the US Faces Its Next Battle: Syria's Erupting Fault Lines

Without leadership, Washington’s options are limited in the chaos of the civil war's end game.


Raqqa After ISIS Still Needs US Help

The group’s ultimate defeat is far from assured, and the United States can play a critical role in precluding the emergence of Islamic State 2.0.