Israel, US are losing the influence war over Gaza—but the Palestinians aren’t winning

The world no longer consumes information in a way that allows governments full control of narratives.

Science & Tech

US wants to build more arms with Pacific allies

Pentagon’s top weapons buyer also touts “industrial-size” 3D printers sent to Ukraine.


Iran-backed forces firing at US troops in the Middle East

As the U.S. military sends more troops to the CENTCOM area, defense officials say there’s a “significant threat” of attacks on American service members.


‘Arsenal of democracy’: Biden asks Congress to boost aid to Ukraine, Israel

Mentioning WWII, the president linked the survival of Israel and Ukraine to democracy itself.

Science & Tech

Microchip breakthrough may reshape the future of AI

IBM’s new NorthPole may enable smarter, more efficient, network-independent devices that may even help the U.S. win the microchip war against China.

Science & Tech

The next drone war is coming to Gaza

The world could soon glimpse how soldiers use drones and personal data to find targets.

Defense Systems

Army’s hyperconnected visions depend on new approaches to software, networks

Empowering A-teams and Pacific allies requires overcoming barriers to secure access to data.


‘Unprecedented’ Hamas attack on Israel shows ‘apparent quantum leap’ in capabilities, experts say

As Israel launches airstrikes in response, many expect the retaliation to have unprecedented aspects as well.

Science & Tech

EU official calls out X as largest promotor of disinformation

“My message for Twitter/X is…We will be watching what you do,” official says.

Science & Tech

Taiwan is using generative AI to fight Chinese disinfo

But LLM models will enable new adversaries as well as allies, top intelligence official warns.

Science & Tech

France sees smaller future in Africa, larger role in the Pacific, says country’s air force chief

French military is increasing its spend on tankers to be more places at once with a lighter permanent footprint.

Exclusive Threats

With eye toward Russia and China, NORTHCOM concludes special mission in the Arctic

“It's really both competitors we see operating up there, routinely,” commander says.


US partners in Asia can act as ‘counterweight’ to China, says Army Pacific commander

“Each of these nations out here are working to defend their national sovereignty,” Gen. Charles Flynn said Wednesday.


China’s new satellites extend its military reach, US says

Rapid buildup “allows them to see much further with greater precision at day and at night and through all weather,” Space Force intel chief says.

Science & Tech

US must harness generative AI in competition against China, think tank warns

The Pentagon recently launched a task force to explore how to incorporate generative AI, but a new report notes it could be useful across a wide range of government activities.