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Robert E. Hamilton

Army War College

Robert E. Hamilton, Ph.D., is a Professor of Eurasian Studies at the U.S. Army War College, currently assigned as an advisor to the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. During a 30-year career in the U.S. Army, he served overseas in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Germany, Belarus, Qatar, Afghanistan, the Republic of Georgia, Pakistan and Kuwait. Bob is the author of numerous articles and monographs on conflict and security issues, focusing principally on the former Soviet Union and the Balkans. He is a graduate of the German Armed Forces Staff College and the U.S. Army War College.

What the Afghanistan Withdrawal Means for Georgia’s NATO Dreams

The Caucasian nation is losing one of its best ways to demonstrate that it belongs in the Western alliance.


NATO Needs to Focus on the Black Sea

William of Ockham would like a word with those who worry more about a potential Russian invasion of the Baltics than ongoing interventions in the Balkans.