Science & Tech

Army looks to field loitering munitions next year

The Army is also experimenting with robots integrated with platoons at Fort Moore and Irwin.


Deadly but tricky to fly, suicide drones have Ukraine putting thousands of soldiers through pilot training

Private schools are churning out troops who can use hobbyist racing quadcopters as deadly loitering munitions.


In race to make artillery shells, US, EU see different results

DOD’s early success may founder on Congressional inaction, while Europe’s private firms await orders.


Ukraine’s artillery supply declines as shells go to Israel

President Zelenskyy confirms that 155mm deliveries are drying up, even as Russia presses an assault in the east.


A drone-maker’s dilemma illustrates Ukraine’s struggle to get key arms

Fortem could feed Kyiv’s hunger for anti-drone defenses—if it could find funding for a second production line, the company says.


For foreign soldiers in Ukraine, US foundation provides lifeline to medical treatment

The Weatherman Foundation’s work underscores foreign governments’ reluctance to extend some forms of medical help.

Exclusive Business

Import records illuminate Ukraine’s desperate hunt for arms and ammo

Kyiv is paying exorbitant prices for Soviet-designed materiel, and has even managed to obtain Swiss ammo despite Geneva's ban.


Documents confirm that Ukraine is importing Turkish cluster munitions

Official data backs up earlier reporting on a second Ukrainian source for the controversial weapons.


As demand for arms booms, lack of modernization stymies weapons production

Some small firms at the heart of the defense industry see little benefit to automation and digitization.


Army faces logistics, alliance hurdles in the Pacific

Many civilian logistics contractors in the Philippines, a key U.S. ally, are likely too close to China for the U.S. to work with.


$1.3B in Army vehicle parts were stored outside or in other risky ways, report finds

That’s more than half of the engines, transmissions, and other Ground Combat Systems parts entrusted to the Defense Logistics Agency.