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Vali Nasr

Dean of Int'l Affairs at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Int'l Studies

Vali Nasr is Dean and Professor of International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and the author of The Shia Revival and The Dispensable Nation.

Trump's 'Maximum-Pressure' Strategy for North Korea and Iran Will Fail

The combined might of punishing sanctions, diplomatic isolation, or even the threat of war won’t compel surrender from North Korea and Iran.


What It Would Take for Iran to Talk to Trump

It may not seem like it, but Tehran has a lot to gain from meeting with a U.S. president in search of his own nuclear deal.


Rex Tillerson’s Russian Mission Impossible

The secretary of state is expected to use his visit to Moscow this week to demand Russia break with Assad. This is wishful thinking.


Trump's Big Test in the Middle East

The president-elect will encounter a region convulsed by change.