The US Needs a Department of Cybersecurity

As the saying goes, when everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.

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How the DoD is Tapping Hardware Security Keys to Protect Against Threats

Now, the DOD is investing in modern authentication tools and technologies, such as hardware security keys, to secure its environment. Here’s how.



Conference Wire: Sea-Air-Space Opens, No Masks Required

The Navy League's sprawling event was the first big trade show canceled by COVID. Now it returns amid a new coronavirus spike.


‘How Does One Process Defeat?’

A letter to a civilian who deployed to Afghanistan.


First Afghan Interpreters Arrive in Virginia

More than 200 Afghans are expected to spend a week at Fort Lee before being resettled.


Sailor Charged With Setting USS Bonhomme Richard Fire

Preliminary hearing will lead to recommendation about a court martial.


For US Troops, Getting COVID Vaccine Is Now a Matter of 'How and When'

President tells Pentagon to add COVID to list of required vaccinations. He also imposed requirements on federal employees and contractors who decline to get vaccinated.


Wildfires Are So Dangerous Now that the National Guard Prepares for Them Like Hurricanes

For West Coast units, there’s no wildfire season anymore. ‘It’s really a fire year now,’ top general says.


The Most Targeted Vulnerability of the Year Was First Identified in 2017

In a joint advisory, international cybersecurity officials say failure to patch years-old vulnerabilities makes attributing cyberattacks more difficult.


DOD Reimposes Mask Mandate Inside Pentagon, Other Bases Near ‘Substantial’ COVID Transmission

Troops, employees, contractors, and others must wear masks indoors on Defense Department facilities in the Pentagon and these areas.


Biden’s 6-Month Clock On Russia-U.S. Nuke Talks Starts Now

Officials met for the first time in Geneva on Wednesday. They’re set to come together again in September.