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Increasing National Resilience with Cutting-Edge Weather Satellite Technology

In the quest for precision and timeliness in weather forecasting, NASA, NOAA and Lockheed Martin have embarked on a groundbreaking journey.

Defense Systems

Lockheed resumes F-35 deliveries after year-long pause

But the tech-development problems that halted deliveries of the TR-3 version of the jet persist.


How the navy-less Ukrainians defeated Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

Their revolution in weapons and tactics offer lessons and warnings for the world’s navies.

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4 Talent challenges facing U.S. government agencies and how to solve them

The US government and public sector faces unique challenges in managing and growing its workforce.


Should NATO help the NGOs that train Ukrainian soldiers?

The leader of one such organization says he’s getting good results at less cost, time, and political risk.


A long-sought European defense ‘awakening’ has arrived, EUCOM commander says

“This is a different Europe from what we complained about for years,” Gen. Cavoli says.


Pentagon’s new cyber rules are ‘stifling’ foreign suppliers, advisors say

The soon-to-be-mandatory cybersecurity certification—and a 2018 OSD reorganization—are slowing vital work, the Defense Innovation Board says.



US taps IBM to help boost cyber defenses in Europe and beyond

The company's staff will fan out to help various nations build security centers, train cybersecurity practitioners, and harden infrastructure against network attacks.

Defense Systems

Concepts expected soon for NATO's next-gen rotorcraft

Up to three firms are expected to vie to make a fast aircraft to replace a thousand European helicopters.


Europe, US gird for Russian hybrid warfare attacks

The key to curbing shadow wars is better intelligence sharing, experts and officials say. But that itself is under threat.

Science & Tech

Senators seek to advance AI capabilities at national labs

Proposed legislation looks to give the U.S. national laboratories a strong artificial intelligence infrastructure while acknowledging associated risks.


U.S. Air Force culture needs a reboot

Too many of today’s operators think of themselves as passive helpers, not innovative war-winners.


The Pentagon is paying a consultant up to $2.4B to boost submarine production

Deloitte Consulting is to provide the labor, equipment, and materials to push annual U.S. production to three subs.


NATO summit a mixed success, even with decidedly less drama

After dissension in the 2023 edition, last week’s meeting offered “no big surprises,” one diplomat said.


The Pentagon's generative-AI task force is trying to answer a lot of questions

How should new tools be used? Where should the actual computing take place? How much will this all cost? And that's just the start.