Army exercise to synchronize manned-unmanned aircraft

The Army's Manned-Unmanned Systems Integration Capability series, which starts Sept. 15 at Dugway Proving Ground, will highlight the advantages of using both manned and unmanned aircraft in joint-battlefield operations.

The first in a sequence of Army aviation demonstrations will take place Sept. 15-16 at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, where the branch will highlight the benefits of merging unmanned and manned aircraft on the battlefield, reports Aviation Week.

The presentation, known as Manned-Unmanned Systems Integration Capability, or Music, will exhibit the capabilities of three Army aircraft projects – Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Apache Attack Helicopter and Armed Scout Helicopter – in a simulation showing how they would communicate, share data and collaborate in a live warfare event with each other and ground troops under one commander.

“Music is intended to be a showcase for innovation, integration and, ultimately, interoperability,” Tim Owings, deputy project manager of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for the Army, said in the article.